Generating over €300k per month at a 13+ ROAS

Generating over €300k per month at a 13+ ROAS


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Generating over €300k per month at a 13+ ROAS

O'Donnell Moonshine came to Growf from a referral of an existing eCom client.

Their current agency hadn't been doing a great job ( a story we hear too many times).

Within the ad account, they had a severe lack of structure or cohesion between the campaign types being used without a funnel approach.

What's more is the campaigns that were performing well were significantly attributed to brand terms, which is incredibly strong with O'Donnell and ,therefore, not a great use of marketing spend.

So the objective was clear, improve the current account performance and also increase the new customer acquisition rate.

To turn the account around and go after new customers rather than existing, we introduced a full-funnel campaign structure with the aim of gaining new customers.

This strategy was combined with our tried and tested Pmax and GMC scaling tactics to generate a minimum of 13 ROAS per month.